Data Centres

We specialise in providing groundworks for data centres. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Data Centres

Mattcon specialises in providing groundworks for data centres, having previously worked with a number of large multinational clients. We fully understand the unique requirements surrounding the construction of data centres and can tailor our groundwork services to meet a variety of demands. Our team of experienced tradespeople have the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure the site is fully prepared and all ground investigation, site clearance, ground stabilisation, site service and landscaping works are fully carried out.

When laying foundations for data centres, there are a lot of variable to consider. To ensure the land is fully prepared in a way that will accommodate the new data centre structure, we always take into account the following:

  • The Nature Of The Load Requiring Support

  • Ground Conditions

  • The Presence Of Water

  • Accessibility

  • Sensitivity To Noise And Vibration

Mattcon has a proven track record of completing groundwork projects for data centres to the highest industry standards, on time and within budget. We bring the same degree of expertise, quality, safety and commitment to all groundwork projects we undertake, providing innovative solutions to the often complex requirements involved in preparing sites for data centre usage.